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Jim Dandy   Handicapping

Started Jul-30 by Wintertrian; 558 views.

From: Wintertrian


So it seems that Diodoro is bound and determined to have Keepmeinmind win or place in a graded race of some sort in the year 2021.  

Will this be the race?   LOL 

At Oaklawn where that trainer applies his claiming skills, it almost seems like he has a horse in every other race some days.   I either bet against him unless his horse looks invincible, in which case it's a watch-only race.   Either way when he has a live one it's pretty chalky.  Problem is there is only so much these claimer trainers can improve a horse...... before they begin to plummet out of condition.  If he's had a horse for a while, and it's not doing anything, I don't bet it.  Well, that and his many positives over the years.  

There was a short while when I was a fan of this horse just based on pedigree, but that was back in 2020.  

HOWEVER, for whatever reason, I find myself wanting Keepmeinmind to do well......for Laoban.   And, for the horse himself, as he is like a Tacitus, always a bridesmade but he runs a lot of graded races.  I like "him".   the horse. 

Plus, I think this horse "likes" Saratoga.  I don't like that track at all, and never play it, but it can be quirky the way Churchill can be, esp. with the kind of weather they've had lately.  



From: Oldbettowin


If EQ doesn’t win—and that was a pretty substantial new top in the Belmont—either Masqueparade or Keepmeinmind should win it.  Probably Masqueparade lol.

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From: Wintertrian


Wintertrian said...

it seems that Diodoro is bound and determined to have Keepmeinmind win or place in a graded race of some sort in the year 2021.


Race ran how I thought it would, EQ first, Keepmeinmind 2nd.  He was working well at SAR and got Rosario. 


From: princeofdoc


Seems like the jock made all the difference!  Great race.....


From: Wintertrian


princeofdoc said...

Seems like the jock made all the difference!

Maybe at SAR

At OP he wins everything with his go-to rider which is usually David cohen

Essential Quality ran a LOT farther than the others being on the outside most of the way.


From: smartyslew


The Heart of a Champion, very wide in a short field, not his choice for sure.


From: princeofdoc


Should have listened to you......that trainer/jockey combo paid great this weekend at SAR!