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Kentucky Derby 2022 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 12/2/21 by DogsUp; 55954 views.
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From: DogsUpWired


The Gang that couldn't run straight 

Yep...just the media story line the Churchill Downs / Kentucky Derby + (TC) peeps want...AHH sweaty nightmare 

DQed  for drugs trainer last year; his DQed horse dies who won that Derby + DQed trainer has colt(s) "in" the 2022 Derby by adverse possession explained to the public as legal  musical chairs raz-a-mataz.

Hoofnote; public is on drugs + substances and may find the drug suspect horses got edge; .. said He-Hawingly.

And to add insult to injury the media covers Bob's take on the Tri Series tossed salad. The Belmont no-no is ahead. Who says there are no train wrecks in horse racing. 

The owners have every legal and investment right and path to race their runners. 

So as I coined it earlier:The gang that couldn't run straight, we now have, a track that  specifies the outcome at other tracks who then have option to run in their Derby race. But although they have removed DQed trainer  Bob B and now a colt he formally trained is in the Derby..The Churchill / Derby peeps got all the mess PR.. Again! 

Maybe the soap opera will attract new viewers.  (Insert horse face szit eating grin here ).... Box 'Kim Kar-dash with setting a bad example to public 'Oscar Slap and 'Ticky Tok in the 4th. Learn to plead the 5th. After the race 

Today the Derb fav would go off at about 5/1.

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From: DogsUpWired


Sport of Kings Blue Bloods now no New Bloods

 the video crack generation doesn't even go outdoors let alone to a track or simo to Bet.

They are not even the future to bet remotely and watch on TV or phone.

The Meta TicTok gen no comprende nor want experience nearly anything in real life, rather, real time digital god by machine.

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From: DogsUpWired


Jockey Club stats: Handle says 2021 a banner year.  Comes after Covid. And a rash of favorite and Triple Crown winners year after year. I remember as of late the free sheet handed out on Derby day at simo had the Superfecta printed dead nuts cold.

One will see over the years the amount of handle drops from on track to nearly all off track. With 2021 handle being record breaking this year will tell the tale. Perhaps there will be a mid year update 2022.

FOR the Derby 2022

6/5 Under

Even $ Over

Alex I'll take the Under and buy a vowel.

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From: DogsUpWired


Diary construction  ARK DBY

#4 Doppleganger/Blinks Off  - Johnny Vee

(Colt has been rotating 5 + 6 furlong works)

#4 / 23689/ 23689  $2.   $40
23689/ 4 /23689 $1.    $20
23689/23689/ 4  .50.  $10

JOSE Lezcano already has a Derby horse; yet leaves his NYRA circuit steady business to buy May gate day insurance? Perhaps lost that points mount following his questionable lookie-lookie around in a race and Stewards meeting with him as follow-up.
Further, jock should give mount better rate and trip over previous jock piloting skills.

The jock to beat is Prat who rode Dopple in last but is on another 

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From: DogsUpWired



perhaps a marginal fav or co-fav likely betting at 5/2 has inside post.

If come rain, yielding wet, can make his escape route with less possibilities of breaking in a tangle with insiders trading bump for bump.

Rare that Dog punts a... jockey Jinx of Castellano getting off this colt in last and new jock then winning and gives Jose Ortiz another run atop the lock & key silks runner. 


From: pianot


Dogs like ur pic young man.

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From: DogsUpWired


Preakness & Compression by Jockey 

Affirmed jockey Steve Cauthen  maneuvers his colt towards Affirmed approaching the line causing compression to 'the colt' Alydar.

Only a 5 horse field at greatest distance Belmont stakes 1/1/2 miles.

Jockey Cauthen with Affirmed knows it's going to be 'a 15 round title fight/no early KO' and keeps his colt on the lead comfortably while pushing  Alydar and jockey slowly around the track...Near the finish line Alydar and jock puts the proverbial nose in front, Cauthen finishes with the late KO punch.  

Did Stevie C calculate the move for the entire trip?  Compresion; relief, then KO? Why didn't Alydar jock move much sooner. 

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From: DogsUpWired


The other race Jack Ruby..

Key Delta 


Joey Bravo has hit the board in Kentucky Derby and if this colt takes a liking to dirt might beat the 2 obvious with seasoned dirt runs.