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Kentucky Derby 2022 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 12/2/21 by DogsUp; 56004 views.

From: DogsUp


This is a big card day for Fairgrounds. The race is written for preference by G1,G2 etc. Attracts a superior horse to prep and get paid. However If - In.

Tenacious Stakes will be limited to fourteen (14) starters. Preference will be given in the following manner: graded or group winners in order (I, II, III), then highest lifetime.

TO BE RUN SUNDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2021 (as listed Alphabetical)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
ANNEAU D'OR b.c.4 Spendthrift Farm, LLC (Eric P. Gustavson) Albert M. Stall, Jr.
BIG DREAMING b.c.4 Frank Carl Calabrese Wayne M. Catalano
CHESS CHIEF b.h.5 Estate of James J. Coleman, Jr. (James O. Coleman) Dallas Stewart
CONCERT TOUR b.c.3 Gary and Mary West Brad H. Cox
EBBEN ch.g.6 Pravin A. Patel Juan Munoz Cano
FAIRWAY MAGIC dk b/.g.5 Tom R. Durant W. Bret Calhoun
FLASH OF MISCHIEF b.c.3 Jerry Namy Karl Broberg
HAPPY AMERICAN b.c.3 Lothenbach Stables, Inc. (Bob J. Lothenbach) Neil L. Pessin.

KNICKS GO gr/ro.h.5 KRA Stud Farm (Jin Woo Lee) Brad H. Cox

LITTLE MENACE b.c.4 Flying P Racing Stable Thomas Morley
MAJOR FED dk b/.c.4 Lloyd Madison Farms, IV, LLC (Fred Schwartz, et al.) Gregory D. Foley
MIDNIGHT BOURBON b.c.3 Winchell Thoroughbreds, LLC (Ron Winchell) Steven M. Asmussen
MO MOSA b.c.4 Martin, Perry and Martin, Denise Michael J. Maker
MOCITO ROJO ch.h.7 Wayne T. Davis Shane Wilson
PIRATE'S PUNCH dk b/.g.5 Gulliver Racing, LLC (Phil Bongiovanni), Craig W. Drager and Dan Legan Grant T. Forster
RIGHTANDJUST b.c.3 Wayne T. Davis Shane Wilson
RUNWAY MAGIC b.g.3 Hill 'n' Dale Equine Holdings, Inc. (J. G. Sikura) and Lunsford, Bruce Thomas Drury, Jr.
SHARED SENSE b.r.4 Godolphin, LLC (Sheikh Mohammed al Maktoum) Brad H. Cox
SILVER PROSPECTOR gr/ro.c.4 Ed Orr and Susie Orr Steven M. Asmussen
SPA CITY b.g.4 Maggi Moss Thomas M. Amoss
TENFOLD dk b/.h.6 Winchell Thoroughbreds, LLC (Ron Winchell) Steven M. Asmussen
TRIDENT HIT b.c.4 Floyd Sagely Properties LTD and Johnston, Keith Ron Moquett
WARRIOR IN CHIEF b.c.3 L.T.B., Inc. (Terri and Bernard S. Flint) and Miles Childers Bernard S. Flint
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


  • Edited December 18, 2021 11:17 am  by  DogsUp

From: DogsUp


Looks more likely Knicks Go in as Shared Sense moved out to a 'grass mile at Fairgrounds on Dec 27; and only if taken off the Turf.

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From: DogsUp


Baffert not likely viewing a Happy New Year facing a coupled entry now of Kentucky Derby winners with positivo' post race drug tests.

Triple Crown winner Justify tested positive in Santa Anita Derby prior to his 3 bagger wins for TC. California Race Board took no action. 

Now owner, trainer and lawyers of 2nd place in that  SA Derby have just learned that their legal claim against the non-action by California board can be continued.


From: smartyslew


Sounds like a late breaking Curve Ball stifles a weak hitter and a bad Umpire .


From: DogsUp


Eloquent my friend.   

Beginning with pre-Derby media coverage and to the gate the two Derby winners of Baffert under post race scrutiny; long ago Justify's Santa Anita Derby and now deceased Medina Spirit's Derby ointment contestations; will shadow the year's 2022 greatest 2 minutes in sports.

I now think that the Churchill people were considering how the Justify post SA Derby was and now is being handled and decided to initiate full public transparency in 2021's post Derby drug positive. They did right..

To further muddy the first Saturday in May, while the track is bone dry will be side bar articles on illegal drugs as to NYRA trainer Navarro; whose prosecution on drugs resulted in $124 million restitution, 5 yrs jail and his lawyer believes deportation .

On this above issue, some players of note say it bruised them and speculate present and potential new shooters will back off of the window. As they have.  Move to other sports betting as well.

Last week Big A had a $10K claimer. A sign IMO of a shrinking and sinking in a zero sum game.

My best wishes at the holidays to our hosts Cindy and Tex and all and peace in the New Year.

Enjoy the trip; life's and racing.

As always (d)

  • Edited December 19, 2021 6:48 pm  by  DogsUp
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In reply toRe: msg 22

From: DogsUp


Attorney for Baffert Robertson said the betamethasone in an !" "injection" is betamethasone (Acetate), while the betamethasone in the topical ointment is betamethasone (Valerate). He said Kentucky's racing rules only regulate betamethasone acetate.

In 2022 we have an Even money prop: An ID of a medication Not injected and upon 2nd sample test found to not be included in race day exclusions.

3.5/1 Baff. 3 y o runners - Owners with Bobby guidance send them to hand picked trainers for mega Derby point races.

IF Bet...Baff not in Derby as named trainer...Bob loads up the Preakness.  Pimlico tosses pp of using 5 local horses to fill fourteen field 

Belmont Stakes..If..Bob ruled out and ruled off...He's the split camera sports announcer: ' couple of day as expert paid more than the Triple Crown trainer's split."


In reply toRe: msg 24

From: DogsUp


Big stage handicapping contest players want Baffert to make them whole for their loses on several occasions.

Odds: PFat Chance


From: ChiefsCrown


Dogs....Have healthy and prosperous 2022!

Happy New Year to ALL the posters on this site!


From: smartyslew


I predict :I predict Dogs Up will tout Worst Read Sanchez for 2022  derby.

Wonderful Wonder Women Wendy's Crystal Ball says so !