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Kentucky Derby 2022 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 12/2/21 by DogsUp; 55932 views.

From: DogsUp


Hi Smarty: The above data on  Sol Kumin interests is  from Wikipedia. And yes in some cases not fully owned, yet not trival in the data mining context.

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From: ChiefsCrown


Dogs...where is SY DOG at in the future wagers? Can't seem to find him.

Odds gotta be +100/1?

Thoughts on Annapolis from Pletchers barn. A friend of mine is thinking about plunking a few dineros on him.


From: DogsUp


Annapolis is like SY Dog: 2 for 2 and 2nd race off their maiden a win on grass. 

Questionable their transition to dirt. Could go either way...or late in campaign. 

By War Front.  I was looking for this sire's potential 3 y o s  

Once Jan 2022 rolls around T Crown official nominations will provide more surfaced names.

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From: DogsUp


More on Annapolis...Pletcher. Breeder is Owner and as owner never had big time G-er..

But, Irad Jr. rode twice for his 2 for 2 wins at 8.5 fl lawn jobs.

Todd's 1st call Johnny V is out West now. So Irad is their hopeful campaign jock.

Indicator will be how long Irad Ortiz Jr stays with colt as his choice Derby mount in latter day gates. 

War Front has my attention and the breeder/owner kept the yearling/colt as a keeper and sent him to Pletcher.

Would need Cinderella campaign to hit a slot in Derby.

Todd usually finds a Derby points (Win) if the colt makes it that far. Todd has a bucket of Tampa Bay Derby trophy wins and yet they don't make a dent in the Derby cash ticket payouts. 

Irad is focused this year for his 1st Derby win horse.

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From: DogsUp


Decided this would go into 2022.

In times past; checkered drug or death in sports stories were about prize fighters, major league sports figures, even world competition bicycle events.

Racing currently has a trainer convicted and soon deported.

Crimes against the public in every sector; business, government, entertainment and religion are no longer masked internally by any group. And prosecution takes place in courts with judicial sentencing.

No longer suspensions or cover up.

Yet, Bob Baffert has not committed a criminal act.


From: Wintertrian


Didn't know where to post this but figured I'd put to your name.  

Your "guy" RAM is racing today at Oaklawn.  Race 9, Pointsetta Stakes


From: DogsUp


Hey!; hadn't thought about RAM since he didn't produce a board spot in last year's Preakness.

I still remember you posting his trainer, D-Wayno, being interviewed at Oaklawn. 

Oaklawn does it right.

:) As Wayne would say, thank you darling; what are you doing after the 9th?

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From: DogsUp


Popacap Mark Case/Joey Bravo was my Delta horse Underneath as Dogs pick with Corniche on top for BC Juvey wheel.

Poppy (also a character in Seinfeld tv) is now Ky Derby point leader.  12.

Today (2022 Derby Delta colt is Poppy: 3 yo to use to "compare to all others) becomes the first co-Delta along with Sy Dog.

For comparative.

Nothing is stopping a Baffert runner's owner to sell or do a buy in and run for a 100 pointer under any trainer. BTW.

 Regrettably the 2022 Kdy will be media muddled with Derbys past of winner's DQ and tube of ointment. 

There have been years where 'Sports Illustrated' nary printed a word in a composition that also included auto racing. Unlike TC coverage. 

Here's hoping ah praying for a sloppy track and a Delta colt under the radar like Lookin at Lee.

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From: DogsUp


Search in your browser....

Bob Baffert wins Attorney's fees from NYRA.

NYRA as well as Churchill still confuse civil and criminal laws/ state and federal with the rules of racing. As due their legal representation.

Among my notes in 2021 Kentucky Derby; Dogs details NYRA's bad 'official call before the wire..Now a bad beat for them 

Other tracks *Monmouth Park's Big Boss, overwhelming experience and attorney, welcomed Baffert to come on down to the Jersey shore. As well as Del Mar Chief knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of racing. Site of BC 2021 

What's in store for Churchill. 

And it's this.

Based on this precedent setting case. If they continue to push back; Mr. Baffert will seek future losses to future income and professional reputation. 

As the Travers-like canoe floats downstream awarding Derby points and as they grow in higher numbers:

Will KDy race points be retro-awarded to Baffert runners that placed for points.

 They were not counted as of yet for Baffert winners. And as next year 'a coming 2022, Derby point races that MAY retroactively be reinstated to Baffert will cause financial loss propositions if Baffert is reinstated for points. In the latter days...

I recall my total support of Steve Assmussen. The undercover expose by PETA. Unfounded.

But Steve lost an assistant; young man to suicide as his embarrassment to his exposure to the expose.

I'd still bet the farm that trainers and owners want the ointment to be treated as what it is exactly, a derivative of the drug compound that was thought to be measured and illegal for race day med. 

The gang that couldn't run straight.


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From: DogsUp


Day after Xmas a free gift/square* if my eyeglasses serve me right. Entered and if in??

But 1st a Derby 10 pointer, neha; at Fairgrounds 2 yos and today 'Delta is Cox's (has a stable of hopefuls also/entered in this one) Bodock. Won 1ster @ 5 1/2 and Brad stretches him to start running at the aforementioned shortie. 

*Same card $100K purse says

entered: Knicks Go. Perhaps a tightener for 2021 HOTY pre January Pegasus. 

In the Knicks Go race Underneath...Also eyes on Ebben who ran very quickly @ 7. Owner and breed farm light on credentials. But it happens all the time and then learn:after the race long shot. Short shot Shared Sense; sponser Goldolphin, seems sensible underneath Delta. Ran 3rd to The Knicker in last, a fast 9 fl. 

Really I bought new prescription eyeglasses last week  

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