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Kentucky Derby 2022 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 12/2/21 by DogsUp; 58199 views.
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From: DogsUpWired


A year later, after Kdyowner, trainer, jockey, breeder return to  Churchill for Kdty

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From: DogsUpWired


15 US point races left, 69 days to go, about 5- 100-pointers left to race...Euro and Japanese will assess the major 100 pointers outcomes. No monster(s) 3 yr olds on top to disengage all potential comers. A media underdog with one eye and highest winnings today.

And will and what if Baff owners/stable switch the paperwork to race for points. 

Odds maker for the Derby won't even be close. 

The Baffert effect sans points (taken or having not' win) ala suspension for points;  has and will make/ made room for runners who would be eating hay in their stall at 6:45 PM on The Saturday.

One Eye did however have his Mine That Bird-like race up the rail with tiring field. 

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From: DogsUpWired


This Derby will be a jocks race. 

Say a runner like One Eye staying with jock really lowers their board possibilities..

The Castellanos and NYRA batch are available, Joe Bravo-likes and those who didn't make the cut 

Google M/L odds for 2012 Derby. And results. $90,000 Super. $3K tri as fav 2nd 

I'll Have Another (winner..with same M/L odds as horse he beat in Santa A Derby (1st time Derb jock goes on to win Derby in 2 consecutive mounts)

Fav Baff Mike Smith 2nd.

Kent on 3rd but noted personal issues following race.

Johnny Vee comes 4th as 7th longest odds in field.

 IHA won Preak and health probs thereafter 


From: ChiefsCrown


Hey who would've thought Emblem Road ( WPS,$229--$66---$29) would pull off the upset. Two turf horses in 2 years win the Saudi Cup.

Mandaloun, Mishriff and Art Collector....biggest disapointments yesterday.

$1 super----$177K, not a bad payout for less than 2 minutes of work!

Cash anything?


From: DogsUpWired


My Key Delta horse did not hit the board in wheeling a ticket construction. Nor at Oaklawn biggie yesterday. 

As my piano player would probably say: You're playing in the wrong key.

LOL maybe we should box the whole d#amn field and AEs.


From: ChiefsCrown


Empty the vault, so to speak??

Came up empty yesterday!


From: DogsUpWired


For both races I spent very little. And tight constructions. 

As posted above herr I was at 2 for 2  win column.  Knew, had a feeling a tap out was coming.  Especially when favs look like a Free Square.

I think I'll name the outcome of the 20 who make the Derby; and if in the 5 big 100 pointers outcomes do not produce dominant horses; do not elevate on to the general public radar...HODGE PODGE crop of 3 yr olds.

That's a hopeful. And the cheap umbrella and rain parka sales guys make a killing all Derby week.


From: ChiefsCrown


You are right Dogs about a HODGE PODGE list of derby horses this year.

No real standout like in the last 5 years. Maybe i'll put the 20 names of the derby entries on my dart board and the first 3 to hit that's my trifecta ticket!!


From: smartyslew


Maybe it's the Baffert effect, trainers might be afraid of masking their meds and feed, and ointment applications

breaking down to the zillionth nano measurement . a ointment can mask a joint that has pain or arthritis, etc, 

Medinas leg joints were in terrible condition for a young horse reported from the Autopsy. Not saying this is the case,

but it could be., crops are getting smaller, looks like graded types smaller from the herds each year. Not enough horses to fill conditions

forcing trainers to move, deep pockets racing out of town more from their headquarters. I agree with you, no standout yetm

that could change.