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Started 7/5/22 by pianot; 5787 views.

From: Wintertrian


DogsUpWired said...

The whip issue is contrary to horse and rider safety.

Drugging horses is contrary to horse and rider safety.

I welcome any organization that can save US Racing from the edge of oblivion--- and from itself.  

R8 at KEEN today, 6 horse field, Chad Brown has 3 of them. 
R8 at SA today, 8 horse field, Baffert has 4 of them. 

Have you played any of the NY races?  It's the pits.  They can't even assemble a field for the Woodward.  

I played Newmarket UK and York UK this morning.  Some of the fields were 21 horses.  Made $$$.  It was great.  Nobody overwhipped their horses, none of the horses or jockeys died.


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