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BEL 9/15/22 R1 & R2 Hurdles !!!   Handicapping

Started Sep-13 by Wintertrian; 185 views.

From: pianot


Thanks for the heads up! I enjoy hurdle racing.

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From: Wintertrian


Both favorites beaten in the 2 races and fantastic values.  ($19 and $84.50)

I just like watching them in the last moments in the stretch, after they have already run 2+ miles, and still have something left.... that was quite an effort by Proven Innocent (4 year old gelding by Blame, 10th career race)  to beat The Mean Queen (6 years old mare by Doyen(IRE), 10th career race) who I thought would win, they hit the wire almost simultaneously.  Parker Hendricks was almost standing up in the saddle on The Mean Queen even before they hit the stretch.......jockeys are fine athletes but these guys are really something else.   I don't think you can have a better name than The Mean Queen   heh heh.  I wanted her to win. 

Snap Decision (8 year old gelding by Hard Spun) in the Lonesome Glory, has such a beautiful straight..... and so relaxed, led all the way, at one point 4 lengths ahead.   But that final run by Noah and the Ark (8 year old gelding by Vinnie Roe, 15th career race) ........8-9 lengths pulling ahead in the stretch like that.  Looks like he did it for fun, also has such a beautiful body.