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Queen Elizabeth II Cup (G1) JPN Hanshin   Australian and Asian Racing

Started Nov-12 by Wintertrian; 241 views.
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From: Wintertrian


Wintertrian said...

Horses I like in here, no order.  Not using any of the favorites for the win spot.  
11 (Namur)
15 (Lilac)
18 (Geraldina)
8  (Andvaranaut)

9  (longshot) Win Kitos
14 (longshot) Akai Ito 



18 won.  15 dead heated with 13 for 2nd but my horse paid a whole lot more.   They were going on and on before the race about how Lilac was out of condition, what a dissapointment she is, blah blah blah.  I liked her, but the Talking Heads helped move my horse fro 40-1 to 79-1 odds.  :)   Yay.  And they kept repeating how Geraldina was getting hot (she was jumping all over the place, it's true, but I liked that they kept bringing it to everyone's attention because it moved her from 8-1 to 9-1.   

I never listen to the talking heads, they kept saying how Lilac (79-1) was out of condition blah blah blah but I liked her. It was a dead heat for 2nd.
Geraldina (18)  won.

18  $20.20 $9.80 $8.10
15 .  $31.90 $39.70
$1.00 Exacta 18/15  $207.10

My 14 longshot ran 4th @40-1 and the #11 ran 5th.   I only missed the #13 horse "Win Marilyn" for a super high five (except they don't offer that wager anyway).

That was a fun race, almost as fun as the Melbourne Cup.  And this one paid well too. I love handicapping fields of over 15 horses.   You get such better odds and it's really not harder then capping a field of 8 to my mind.



From: pianot


Great hit! Congrats!


From: DogsUpWired


Nice touch Queen of the Mile!


From: pianot


I suggest a field trip for all players to Winter's home track next year. Or an alternative spot. I'd be all in to meet ya all. Gotta plan now.