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Kentucky Derby 2023 Dogs Derby Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/7/23 by DogsUpWired; 19284 views.
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From: DogsUpWired


I Don't Get It

There are 6 Derby point races, some 100 points substantials, before the Triple Crown 2nd nomination pony-up of $6,000....races running. Through date of March 25.! 

And if a connection's Derby hopeful is running AMs, or ran well/won and tubing his oats;   The following 2 weeks wrap up some nice pointovo races.

Plus and perhaps a vanity investor: to have a Derby Day runner, and the wine, cheese cocktail party, and dinner, and walk the colt from the barn to the Paddock and good seats... might just put up the money.

Anybody can spend money.

Connections measure who's running just like election candidates, also. How many times ya heard it said 'wouldn't enter if didn't think a win.'

Hoofnote: Over Under for buy in to Derby runner/potential 2.5.

So what's with the: I Don't Get It.  I D G It is

TCrown nominated

Connection Derby Wins of I Don't Get It 

Owner 2

Trainer 2

Jockey 2

Pinhook 2.. bought the 2 on the hip with over 4 Dosage. One a 7 Dosage. 

And they're all the same team dudes.


From: smartyslew


24 all Others/7 Epicenter  exacta  $238.20  Pool 2 FUTURES Payout
I would take that Payout for every $2 Exacta Box bet on it in a futures bet . How Many pools were there
last year that had all others with Epicenter. was there 5 pools last year.  3,4,5,6 horse bet box or wheel.
POOL 2 exacta Probables

From: DogsUpWired


Neat! Thanks for the heads up to Downey. 

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From: DogsUpWired


I Don't Get It. 

As in Doug O, Mario, Reddan and Doug's brother

Over/Under Santa Anita Derby


From: princeofdoc


Impressive race, didn't look like it took much out of the horse.....


From: DogsUpWired


Hoping both my Delta key Derby Colts (for the time being*) run in the Santa Anita Derby. And garner Derby points.

Further, that Derby Day they are 12-15 to 1. As was Derby winner I'll Have Another; now same connections for I Don't Get It colt. 

In that there will be 2 to 3 apparent stars, throw in public attraction for a colt's peculiar color, maybe a Philly, overseas entry, or distracting human interest story of a colt who paid his own way through Harvard Horse University.

#As was I'll Have Another in his Derby win.  

Nominated already to TC is, love the name (can hear Derby announcer using the name)

I Don't Get It ??!!

Skinner's connections have been around racing for 40 years; and likely waiting to see if he points in the Derby via Santa Anita. Then within two days after S A Derby put up $6K Trip Crown fee.

Yet..yeatah, Dogs is not getting any tattoos for any colt this early.

In a blue moon went with Duke Blue Devils who blew out rival last night. 

They're on for Saturday. Shoot from all over the court. Zone defense that handles opponents who roll to the basket. And high rebounding, both baskets.

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From: DogsUpWired


Angel of Empire, today, Delta colt for Derby hit the board.

Split runners early @ 6+ ish and again beyond a mile. Won at 9 fl.

Dosage 9

Hip purchase 70K by owner

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From: DogsUpWired


How Did he do That.

I Don't Get It 

Just imagine both colts in the Derby and race caller Larry with these 2 names.

Cairo and Pierrier overseas runners have Triple Crown entry papers. Monday should determine if what others have as hopefuls.

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From: DogsUpWired


Two Phil's and connections not likely to get Rosed after the playing of My Old Kentucky 'Loam.

Ah... "Less Than Ready colt with not enough leg