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Kentucky Derby 2023 Dogs Derby Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 2/7/23 by DogsUpWired; 19253 views.

From: Wintertrian


DogsUpWired said...

Dogs is an/my alter ego as a horse blogger. Me...The most funny, laid back, easy going, retired, do whatever he wants, no chores, no assignments..

Honest question, I can't help but ask:   why not just come here as *yourself*?


Msg 2314.128 and the next 4 deleted

From: smartyslew


Many messages are AWOL


From: smartyslew


Wheres the General Concern board

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From: smartyslew | To: pianot | today at 2:56 PM
I sent this to Pianot, look who responded sent at Pianot message 1 this thread From: smartyslew 10:40 AM Ernie you still smoking Cigars !!!!!!!!! He answered at 11.12 am looks like its deleted now I don't care how many alias are used, if someone is playing games though and are using more than one name for games like this one saying he's leaving and the other alias is still here and asks about himself if that is the case, I would like to know the truth are you both Dogsupwired and Pianot, Tex will probably know if you have more than one account on here. ----- Sent: Monday, April 10, 2023 at 08:14:44 AM PDT Subject: New reply in Horse Racing Forum Instant Alert from Delphi Forums This is an Instant Alert of a reply to the discussion General Concern in Horse Racing Forum . From: DogsUpWired | To: smartyslew | today at 11:12 AM "Ernie you still smoking Cigars !!!!!!!!! yep..Spend all my money on slow horses, fast women and good cigars. The rest of my money I wasted. " (d) speaking " Real never did drugs, maybe 6 beers...a year..

From: smartyslew


Did you delete that thread


From: pianot


Yes had Tex do it. Didn’t go in direction intended so stop the non sense.