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Question about Themes   Everything Else

Started 9/12/17 by Gaelspirit; 634 views.

From: Gaelspirit


Hey there...I am writing on behalf of a friend who runs a forum. She has a Delphi Extra or Advanced membership, and she's asked me to help spruce up her start page, which is usually easy enough. When I went into the controls and forum customization it says they have to be a Plus member to be able to change themes. I seem to recall that years ago the Basic forums offered different color schemes to use, such as the gold/brown, or the bright blue, and the one you have here. Has that changed so all basic forums look like this does with the navy blue, etc???  I always thought as long as I was a Plus member I could access controls at people's forums and make changes...but perhaps she never gave me the right controls for this....not sure. Just curious! Thanx in advance. The forum is The Soap Dish and I am a moderator there with access to the controls. 


From: gunter


When the Host is not a DelphiPlus member, Zeta forums will not have the color/theme controls though you can change the Header images.

In a Classic forum there can't be any staff with access to Controls or the Theme settings either.

If I can be a little cleared than gunter lol

It takes a host having a Plus account to have custom colours/themes in a forum be it Classic or Zeta. So yes just that basic one you see. It takes a Plus account to have staff as well. You are only staff there because of a glitchy gleature. She wouldn't be be able to assign staff today.

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From: Gaelspirit


Okay thanx