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Creating Your Zeta Color Palette   Control Center

Started 9/12/17 by Cstar1; 760 views.

From: Cstar1


Go to Controls > Customization & Design > Colors & Backgrounds.

Choose the Backgrounds tab. Click on the Change Background button. Choose an image from the preset list and click Select.


Choose the My Backgrounds tab, upload an image from your computer, then click on the image. It will be automatically added to your forum's background.

Click on the Repeating Tile, Contain, or Cover radio buttons to select how to display the image.

Note that background images will override any color scheme you set for your forum's background (P11 - Primary Background.) To remove the image, click on Change Background, then Reset to Default.

Repeat the process if you want to display an image in the backgrounds of your Message Panel and your Welcome Page. You can use the same image, or a different one.

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From: Cstar1


To create your custom colors, go to the Custom Tab.

Once you've chosen your custom colors, and clicked Save at the bottom of the screen, you'll want to click on the Activate button.

To change a color, type in the color code, or use the color picker by clicking on the colored square.

To see what each section controls, hover over the ? icon.

To choose a custom color, use the Basic Colors, Saved Colors or Advanced Tabs. Click on the colored square to "set" each one.

To reset any color, click on the Reset to Default link to the right of that section.

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page, then Activate at the top. Your new palette will not show until you click Activate. 

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From: Cstar1



On the Custom page at the bottom, there are 2 links. The Export link will make a list of your forum's colors in an easy format. Share your Export list with friends, or use it to import from one forum to another. 

Export the list and save it somewhere on your computer or in a message.

To import, copy/paste the export list from your computer (or saved message) into the Import Colors in another forum.

You can also Import a Standard Palette from the Color Palette page, then tweak any of the colors you want to change.

Click the Import and Save button.

Once you've completed your customization, you'll see background images right away, but some of the forum colors may take up to 20 minutes to display.