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Is Delphi Switching To An All Zeta Fo...   Administrative Issues

Started 2/7/18 by RCBZ; 2772 views.

From: RedBV


Love the new PM! Big improvement! 

Which doesn't address what I posted . . . but no surprise . . .

Not sure what member can’t view forums as Classic but I’m sure that can be worked out. It’s working fine for me! 

Myself happens to be one of those members . . . such as when going to CStar's forums, "gun violence" for example . . . have tested it using two different nicks, one a Plus nic and one a basic nic (with different browsers) . . . both with the preference selected to view all zeta forums as classic . . .

In other words - the preference selection gives a view as Classic for some zeta forums (such as here at Hosts) . . . but not for other zeta forums . . . 

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Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


For a long time now Hosts can choose to have their forum show only as Zeta.... All Cstar's forums use Zeta only features such as Live Story which do not show in Classic. On all but one forum she has enabled Zeta view only. 



From: RedBV


Suspected that was what was put in place somewhere along the line . . .

So, in other words - members don't have the option to view "all" zeta forums in classic . . . which is contrary to what is stated in the preferences -

EDIT: Attempted to copy what is stated in preferences to here . . . but apparently it is not allowed to be copied and pasted to here . . .


  • Edited February 11, 2018 7:47 pm  by  RedBV
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From: Cstar1


RedBV said:

members don't have the option to view "all" zeta forums in classic

Members have the option to view all forums in Classic, EXCEPT where the host has elected to present their forum solely in the Zeta format. :)


From: RedBV


Which of course neglects that is not what is indicated in preferences . . . smile