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lost many of my controls   Control Center

Started 2/12/18 by Asst. Mgr. (JEANNE2079); 934 views.

I have lost many of my controls and the color theme of my forum changed on it's own.  A pop up is stating that I need to go to Delphi Plus.  Is this a new change that is forcing me to pay more?

I only have access to "pageview report" and "referring websites" in the Reports folder.  And other Controls have a few accessible.



From: Cstar1


That indicates that your hosts' Plus membership has run out. Forum themes, as well as staff are a feature of Premium forums, which can only be owned by Plus members. You might want to check with the host and see if s/he is aware of the membership having expired.

In reply toRe: msg 2

Thank you for your prompt reply.  I had a sneaking feeling my Wizard might be the problem.  I have emailed him and hope the "mistake" will soon be remedied.

In reply toRe: msg 2

Our Wizard has updated his payment information.  Does he have to re-authorize automatic payment? 

I still have limited access to controls and other site functions.


Our Wizard is just like "the man behind the curtain."  Figurehead.   :-/


From: Cstar1


Asst. Mgr. (JEANNE2079) said:

Does he have to re-authorize automatic payment? 

He needs to sign up again for Plus, yes. After the payment is processed (the next morning) he can turn it off again. 


From: gunter


I see he did supply new info and he's back on DelphiPlus now. The system will try charging with the new info and the forums will have full controls tomorrow morning Eastern time.

let us know how it goes ...