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Hosted Forums   Administrative Issues

Started 2/16/18 by Kakes2; 617 views.

From: Kakes2


Hi gunter, back in the day (TC days) I was made Asst. Manger of a TC room , Learn PSP.  It appears on my list of Hosted Forums.  I have not been involved with this for several years.  It is now a private forum.  I've requested many times via the request form, to have my name removed as Asst. Manager so it no longer appears as a Hosted Forum. I never received a response from the room owner and have no idea who is the room owner to contact them with a PM.  Is there anyway you can get my name removed from their controls or contact the room owner to have them remove the flag from my name?  Here is the URL

Thank you 

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From: Cstar1


Since it's a private forum, we can't access it either. (Unless Gunter's been to it before - I haven't)

Why not just remove it from your Hosted Forums list by marking the checkbox, and click remove?

I have also PM'd the owner, referring them to this thread and your request.

  • Edited February 16, 2018 8:22 am  by  Cstar1
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From: Kakes2


Thank you, sounds like  a good plan. Appreciate your help.

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Removing you as assistant won't move it out of Hosted, only doing it Cstars way will. I passed a forum from one account of mine to the other and it's listed under Hosted on both accounts.


From: Kakes2


Oh ok,  I always thought removing the flag would move it out of hosted too.  No worries, I took her advise and deleted it.  This way, they can do what they want.  I'm not even sure it's an active forum anymore.  Thanks for letting me know.