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Would this be possible? Clear Folders.   New Features / Wish List

Started 6/29/18 by Kenny (GoofBall1983); 552 views.
Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


We tried that process in my Forum and it simply doesn't work! All it takes is one moved or deleted post in the entire Folder and then you CAN NOT empty the entire Folder!

My Forum has evolvedĀ  over the past 20 years of course so we had several folders we would have loved to be able to empty and use again but over the course of that 20 years some of the posts had been moved by staff or deleted by the person that posted them.

If it WAS a Restricted Folder from 20 years ago I have no memory NOW of what exactly would have been posted in there then so the Folder will remain out of use and of no value to me or my members.

There is no method in place now nor has their ever been where someone can not delete their own ,so that is something totally out of the control of a Forum Owner.

The other issue is UNTIL people discovered those issues... well actually even now in this thread people are still saying this is a possibility when in fact it actually isn't! UNLESS by some act of some higher being than any of us are and NO ONE has ever deleted or moved a post in the folder you want to remove ALL the posts from... You can NOT empty an entire Folder!

Even if your "BLESSED" and no one has ever Deleted their post or no one has ever moved any, you MUST Start from the very first post in that folder or the process doesn't work!

ALL of that information SHOULD have been put in the Control Manual that's available in every Forums Controls, so every Forum owner would know that from the moment they opened their Forum. But how many people ever actual read that Manual when they open their Forum? I did and have re-read it many times over the years and I sure have never read anything that explains it fully.

We should have the ability to be able to easily delete an entire Folders posts minus the ongoing issues!

OR allowing us to close a Folder permanently ( but allow us to replace it with a new empty Folder )

OR an alternative option... Just a suggestion... would be to allow owners the option of purchasing additional Folders. Personally speaking... I'd gladly pay for additional Folders for my members and readers to have!

Somethings to think about if nothing else! LOL

I've never dealt with anything in Controls in any other format but Classic View. I have a 20-year-old forum I run, and...a test forum for problems like you speak of. Have you tried emptying folders in both formats, Classic & Zeta? Here's the rub...

This GUI has been coded, re-coded and patched by more college dropouts than there are Sprinkles on a frosted doughnut. You fix or change one affects another. You fix affects something else. Agreed, it would be beneficial for both you and Delphi Forums to purchase additional folders, but...there's no way to control that. Folders = 16 is a code deep within Delphi login's boot up. You may be able to jiggle the code in Zeta, but...that would leave those who've chosen to remain in Classic feeling a bit left out...again. Having a Delphi Plus account and choosing to view Delphi Forums in Classic is similar to buying loge seats at the theater and still having to sit in the balcony.

Delphi Forums Staff may be able to go in and zero out the folders you want emptied. I don't know...they have a lot more control over this platform than we might presume.