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remove start page   Welcome / Start Page

Started 12/20/18 by live for today (catlover03); 214 views.

I was wondering if someone could help me , I would like the picture that is on the start page of my forum remove . I donot know how to do this was wondering if someone could do this for me ty name of the forum of the forum is shelter from the storms ty kim


From: gunter


In a forum set to Classic like yours, look in Controls, Forum Customization, Start Page, to remove the section you don't want. Highlight the image, Backspace removes the image and then press Update.

if that doesn't help, let us know which image you want removed ...

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I got the pictures remove but I cannot get the words remove  < I want the start page to be blank of everything , I cannot figure out how to remove the words on the start page if you can do this i will appreciate ty


From: gunter


Seems there was a bunch of wording accessible when you switch to Source/html  using the <> icon. Once you do that you see all hidden coding which can be removed by highlighting and backspace.  I went ahead and did that and the Start Page is blank now. 

You should be able to put in whatever you want. 

let us know how it goes ...

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thanks so much  kim