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harrassed in PM's   Administrative Issues

Started 1/6/19 by Lady Shenanigans (Phantom7031); 361 views.

what can we do about being harassed by people in PM who have been locked out of forum for disrespectful posting.?
Locking them out only locks them out of your forum. They can come on and say the same types of things in PM

I have had to put the forum on Moderation again second time in two years and prior to that was deleting posts that were vulgar and disrespectful and locking the doers out. The doers would come back in PM and say equally difficult things to me and my staff and there does not seem to be a way to prevent this.
we have been putting them on Ignore but the PM system does not recognize Ignore.
we are attempting to ignore what they write and not write back. when i do not write back they harass other members of my staff via PM.

We have reason to believe much of this is the same individual with many profiles and nicks.


Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Place the member(s) on Ignore via the link in their profile. That prevents them from contacting you at all. 

Let your staff know so they can do the same. 

thank you---will do.

thought i had tried it with soemone and i think the person came i ssee it was in another profile. OK   thank you and will do so.


From: Showtalk


If the harassment is violating TOS, you can inform TOS with copies.

its a lot of name calling and profanity...mostly schoolkid type stuff but very painful


From: Showtalk


It’s annoying but best to just do as suggested and Ignore them.