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Folder Questions   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 1/30/19 by INSCOP; 264 views.



Q1. Why just 16 folders? Maybe give a few more to forums that have been around, oh, I dunno, like since the beginning. (or better yet, to all.).

Q2. Is there a way to clear ALL of the posts to a folder in one swell foop? I need to re-purpose a folder since Delphi is so stingy with them. I have done this in the past and it is a major PITA to remove post by post. If I can't do it myself, is there any way our Delphi gurus can be persuaded to wipe it clean?

Q3. Think this might need to be included in the folder page in the help section?

sunglasses Not trying to be a SA.  Just my mild attempt at humor.

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Someone official may also respond but in short

INSCOP said:

Why just 16 folders?

It's built into the structure of the forums - so apparently no.


INSCOP said:

Is there a way to clear ALL of the posts to a folder in one swell foop

Yes but I don't recommend doing it. You know how each post has a number? For example this one of yours I am replying to is 28474.1 which means it is the first post of the 28,474th discussion in this forum. All posts are number in such fashion. Things in programming are "orderly" (even random things are ordered to be random) and get confuddled when moved about. So the absolutely safest way to do this is to go to the very first post in that folder and work in batches, always keeping in order working towards the present. And even then things can go wonky. Step out of line and you create a BLACK HOLE (not really but it sounds more impressive than saying an invisible one) and you will suddenly lose access to however many posts existed in that gap.

Not a super big deal really but....

I say just rename the folder and close the last 10 or so discussions prior to that change. They will soon drop out of view and you can save your self a lot of work and frustration.

However should you choose to do this...