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…step by step... forum tranfer   Administrative Issues

Started 2/8/19 by thebaron (albinahlvin); 308 views.

hi there….
for future need's….WHEN that time come's that we should change host on our forum,
it would be great to get a "step by step" instruction for that work….
i know that there's some info on the "control-folder"….
info about correct order to change email-adress, change wizzard (an' how to do it, such as where to find the W)
yes….when i became Wizzard i did it but that was back in 2011….(memory fail)
as mentioned….it AIN'T gonna happend in nearby future, but for the reason i ask….
i shall make a paper-copy an' put in my "treasure-box" so wife can 
do it….the day i'm not around anymore….(YES, i make plans when/if i "hit the wall"….)
i might be the only one that think THAT far into the future…..BUT….ya never know,
it could happned in a blink of an eye)
 a BIG ol' thank's in advance….an' a wish of a pleasant weekend

host of the


From: gunter


If you're not around when the time comes, we have to do the transfer. You can email with intructions, subject: Forum Succession, and we'll keep it in records.

Best to make possible successors Assistants in the forum so they can take over easily.

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so far so good…
but what about if i would do the transfer earlier….
(when i'm still around…..a more "planned" transfer)


From: gunter


When both new and old owner are DelphiPlus members, do the  transfer in Controls, Forum Ownership.

Else we need to do it, post name and forum here or email

planning is good ...

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thank you, i’ll send service an email...