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Old forum owner/ log in   Administrative Issues

Started 4/22/19 by Kegger (keg) (KEG1045); 292 views.

Well, it has been a while since I needed some assistance here but here I am. I recently tried to access one of our SCRC forum that was closed many years ago. Guessing somewhere back in 2004. I have used that forum many times as research, to settle disagreements that mostly were on history of our chapters in the state of Pennsylvania. Well I tried a few minutes ago to access it once again. And a message came up that I needed to contact the owner of the forum to get in. Can someone tell me who is in charge of this particular forum. Here is a link to it. ... Thank you.


From: gunter


The forum is set to private and the Host hasn't accessed in years without renewing DelphiPlus making the forum inaccessible and also making it difficult to do anything.

Was there an option to send a message when you tried accessing?  Since it's a SCRC forum ... any message would go to the same address as emailing through the Profile:

In reply toRe: msg 2

yes and I tried sending a message. I see Ran's is the owner and a past State officer & first officer. So your telling me Randy would have to renew to DelphiPlus to transfer it over to me or someone else in the club. I know he no longer rides.


From: WaltHowe


We may be able to temporarily promote the account long enough to make a transfer. We would prefer to have permission from the owner, although we understand that SCRC forums should belong to the current First Officer or someone he appoints. Work with us, and we can get it done. Can you get in touch with Ran by any means?

I had a brief conversation with him via facebook and he told me he would try to contact someone tomorrow 4/23/19 to transfer it. Thank you for your cooperation.