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The list of folders   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Apr-25 by Zerich; 477 views.

From: Zerich


can older folders be deleted and relabeled to be reused?

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From: WaltHowe


You can relabel a folder anytime, but you cannot just delete it to start over, although you can delete all the messages in a folder.

Deleting messages is tricky and a bit of work. The forum owner has better message deletion tools than anyone else, allowing deletion in batches, and it is important to start with the oldest messages in a thread and work forward. Ask, if you need more help with this.

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From: gunter


Folders cannot be deleted, they can be renamed. In a premium forum they can be set to no access to make them invisible.

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You probably did not expect 3 people to reply lol but I feel obligated to relate my experience. 

Don't delete the old messages!!!! LOL

Like Walt said it’s tricky and in an older forum like yours with so many messages super important to do so in an orderly way. Deleted out of sequence (oldest to newest) can cause problems. 

Here’s what I advise the hosts I mentor to do:

Close the last few  discussions in that folder, then make a new discussion announcing the folder’s change/new topic. You can change the folder name in Manage Folders. Then just use it for its new purpose! The older discussions will get pushed out of view soon enough.

Do you have an assistant now? If not and you need help with any of this you can add me to you staff and I’ll do whatever you need (forum set up wise lol) 


From: Zerich


NO, I did not expect all the replies. I thank you loads for the offer. I don’t have another host in the room. The only problem I was struggling with was the folders. As always your suggestion on just changing the name was a great solution. I feel certain I will for sure be needing help down the line and I will put you on my staff for sure. I appreciate the offer big time. Meanwhile you are always, always welcome in He Is Risen. But you knew that.

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Of course! The best way to draw my attention if you need me is to either post to me or use the email link in my profile...otherwise known as the Bat Signal smile


From: Zerich


You KNOW you are always welcome to come into He Is Risen forum.

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Of course! My offline life has gotten busy - but I am always happy to help the hosts I've mentored all these years.

Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


sorry about the boo boo I meant to email you not post