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Cannot get get my themes to update   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 6/24/19 by Sheree Moondove (moondove07); 1385 views.

oops  Sorry I will take care of it right now.

They are both public now.  i keep them private until the themes are ready,  So sorry about that.


Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


With the first forum that will not change to a theme - remember that you need to make a change on the Colors and Fonts page to "kick start" the CSS

Try that.

For the second one are you making the button color change on the style sheet editor or on the Colors and Fonts page? You need to make it to the style sheet itself (so on the editor) By button do you mean the Tabs (Start)?

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Before I go for the day...

this is the red? #9b0606  it appears 9 times in your theme's stylesheet. If you click in the style sheet editor (or on it elsewhere) and press Control and F on your keyboard you will get a Search box and can pop that in (#9b0606) - clicking on the results one at a time and replace just the ones you want to.

If you want more help let me know and I'll pop in this evening if I can. If not in might not be until Friday that I can spend more time.

Hello again,

On the first one I haven't made any changes on the colors and fonts.   But I will definitely give it a try.  

On the second one, I am talking about the "Start, Messages, Controls, Chat" sorry I should have been more clear.  I have only made changes with the Style sheet editor.  

Thank you for your help.   I will give your advice a try.   I appreciate it.



Thank you!!  I thought I had changed that.  You have been a big help!!

You have Great evening!

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Are both problems now resolved? Also you are very welcome, anytime!

Unfortunately none of my forums are correct at the moment.  I am on my way to check and see if horrible Photo Bucket has any thing to do with any of it.

Thank you for your help.




Hello again Kid,

Things seem to be kinda ok for now, with my older forums.  I am still in the process of moving my artwork and photos to a a new hosting site and putting them here as well.

I haven't had much time in the last few days to do very much here.  I love Delphi.  I actually started here in 2000.  Then left and came back and I had to get a new nic.  But I do not stay away long at all.  *smiles* 

I do appreciate your help very much.  Everyone is always so quick to assist!  Have a beautiful evening