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What is the best way to bring chatters in and posters ?    How to Promote Your Forum

Started 6/29/19 by quasar-girl; 251 views.

From: quasar-girl


What is the best way to bring in people to use my message board and into to chat ? I have a room VictoryLane. I’ve been apart of Talkcity for awhile but been away for awhile too. I remember back in the day chatting was popular but with all the other social platform out there, it’s not so popular anymore. I miss chatting with friends and reading posts, having discussions. How do other room owners keep their room active ? How can we advertise ? I’m never going to leave Talkcity or give up my room. I’ll be here for as long as they are here. I wish we could get a group together to support each other even if it’s just twice a month. We could visit each other’s room and post on board. 


From: gunter


Not seeing other suggestions so far, but one effective avenue to get people visiting is to run promos which show all over the site. Easiest way to do this is to post messages, then promote them. You get to run five promos at a time, each on different topics, via the Promote link below discussions in forums set to Classic or the cog wheels on top in Zeta.

let us know how it goes ...

In reply toRe: msg 2

From: quasar-girl


Thank you, I’ll will try to start some promos either tonight or Sunday evening. I want to think of something fun and interesting.