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How do I enter another account   Everything Else

Started 7/30/19 by Sassy (MrsSassy); 329 views.
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Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


How do I enter another account on my log in screen so I can simply choose which name I want to use?

When I come to the log in screen I see my member name there~ what do I do from that point to be able to enter the other information?

I also need instructions on how I can save that second account info. so I can toggle between the saved account information? If that's possible to do~ I was told it is but I may have been given incorrect information.

Any assistance that I can be given would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Sassy


From: gunter


When you come to login, replace the name showing with your other name and log in. The next time around you will see a dropdown arrow to the right where you can pick the name you want to use.

Note that deleting cookies will remove the names and you'll need to start over.

let us know how it goes ...




I have two accounts and the drop-down menu let me choose either one. 

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Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


Another question since that answer was so easy to follow LOL

When I went to do as you said I saw the following message which I had not seen previously but it may be simply a Browser issue but I wanted to get your input/advice on why I see this message what it means as far as my personal security on Delphi.

I recently UPDATED My version of Firefox and that is when I received or noticed the following message when I to log in to Delphi:

Insecure password warning in Firefox

Firefox will display a lock icon with red strike-through red strikethrough icon in the address bar when a login page you’re viewing does not have a secure connection.

When I clicked on the LOCK to read further I found the following information:

Insecure password warning in Firefox

Firefox will display a lock icon with red strike-through red strikethrough icon in the address bar when a login page you’re viewing does not have a secure connection. This is to inform you that if you enter your password, it could be stolen by eavesdroppers and attackers.

Starting in Firefox version 52, you will also see a warning message when you click inside the login box to enter a username or password.


Note: When you start typing in your login information, the warning message can obscure the password entry box. You can press the Enter key after you type in your username (or click outside of the password area) to dismiss the warning.

What can I do if a login page is insecure?

If a login page for your favorite site is insecure, you can try and see if a secure version of the page exists by typing https:// before the URL in the address bar. You can also try to contact the web administrator for the site and ask them to secure their connection.

Not recommended: You can also continue to log in to the website even if the connection is insecure, but do so at your own risk. If you do go this route, try to use a unique password or a password that you don’t also use for other important sites.

About insecure pages

Pages that need to transmit private information, such as credit cards, personal information and passwords, need to have a secure connection to help prevent attackers from stealing your information. (Tip: A secure connection will have "HTTPS" in the address bar, along with a green lock icon.)

Pages that don’t transmit any private information can have an unencrypted connection (HTTP). It is not advised to enter private information, such as passwords, on a web page that shows HTTP in the address bar. The information you enter can be stolen over this insecure connection.

Note for developers

For developers looking to learn more about this warning, please see this page. The page explains when and why Firefox shows this warning, and will also provide some details on how to fix the issue. For more information, see this blog post and this Site Compatibility document.

My 1st concern is my account is paid with my Debt card which is linked to my checking account so if Delphi ISN'T a SECURE Site and someone can STEAL my ACCOUNT Information how can I protect myself when I MUST Log In to Delphi to use your services here?

My 2nd concern is if someone can steal my information here on Delphi does that mean they could steal my account on Delphi and pretend they are me?

I would like to say I did you a pass word generator to make ALL my pass words. I also have had them tested for strength, so I HOPE my concerns are not necessary. That being said I still NEED to know because I'm almost positive that most of my members have no clue about security issues on sites like Delphi and I feel a moral obligations to help them fix the problem IF one even exists.

I obviously have many other concerns but I don't want to worry anyone unless I need to so~ I will wait for your response about this before doing or saying anything to any one else.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding and obviously all your help!



From: gunter


This is not something to worry about, login and your card info is secure. Because many of our pages allow members to add their own input including images located at  other sites it breaks the strict security firefox looks for.

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Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


That's EXACTLY what I was thinking Gunter, however I needed to be sure nothing had changed. I will pass this information on to my members using Firefox to come to Delphi.

Thanks a bunch! Sassy