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need to identify correct Delphi Member name   Chat

Started 11/5/19 by Sassy (MrsSassy); 187 views.
Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


I have someone who is entering my Forum that I have locked out previously and they messed up and confessed that they are using a new nick to gain access. I looked in the controls Help section and it says the following:

Show Real Names:

Moderators may wish to immediately type /showrn when they enter the room.

They will see the membername in brackets, followed by the chosen nickname of the member. example [CSTAR1] Cstar: message.

This is a toggle switch, so type /showrn again to turn it off.


However I tried that and it did nothing! and I do mean nothing. There wasn't any error message or no message telling me they where not there. What did I do wrong and is there any way I can find out what this person actual Delphi member name is when they enter my Forums Chat room? Your welcome to email your response back to me verses posting...

Thanks so much, Sassy


From: gunter


These are two different things.

When you lock out, the only way to come back is for the person to open a new account with a new name and different email address. There is no way for you to know it's the same person unless it happens the way you described.

Paying  members can set a nick to use in a room via /nick followed by the name they want to use.  /showrn reveals the actual membername on the list of chatters.