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Forum not moderated but...   Administrative Issues

Started Jan-28 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 229 views.

Hi Gunter,  I have a odd problem Lyndy is visiting my forum at       It's not a moderated forum but she says she is moderated, and I get her  posts as normal as anyother poster.  No one else has had  this issue;  I do show he as voice in a moderated forum as I did do that at one time.

I have checked the moderation que and nothing is stuck.    Thank you kindly  :)


From: gunter


So if nothing is in moderation, why does she say she is?

In reply toRe: msg 2

I really have no idea,  I've told her I've rechecked things, and things look fine.  


From: gunter


If it happens again she can post here with details

In reply toRe: msg 4

OK thank you kindly, have a good night.

Yep, I've checked everything, the forum isn't moderated, no one is moderated anymore, she can post and has done that, but no idea why she can't with this one.

I agree,  I suggested she contact Gunter about it....