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Web Page   Everything Else

Started Feb-7 by Sheree Moondove (moondove07); 300 views.

Hello Walt,

A couple of dephi members tell me they use the web space available to have a website.  I can write HTML and I am coming right along with CSS.

Could you please explain the way I can do this.?

Thank you


From: gunter


Not sure what you are asking. I see you are using your Files space to store images. If you upload a html page called index.html to the top folder of your space for instance, it will be available via

You can write html pages like any text file or use a html editor ... or even design a page using the message editor here, then copy the source code and save it as filename.html in a text editor and upload to Files.

let us know how it goes  ...

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Thank you gunter! In all these years you have never let me down!  Just one of the reasons I love delphi!  I would take delphi forums over Facebook any day!

Be well,



From: heavn


Hi Moondove,
Were you asking how to use your HTML and CSS to  make your forum all beautiful? 
I posted directions for sharing with anyone.

The directions for the Theme is at:
  CSS Theme Making  and

the Start page part is at:
  HTML In Easy Steps


As for your Files in Storage...

you upload any more files, create SUB-FOLDERS to add them to.


(I wish someone had told me this before I had just started adding files.)


After you have a Sub-Folder name made,  you open it, and Browse for your picture to upload into the Sub-Folder.


        How do you get the URL?


     Left-Click, and 
           it will open a window to give you the URL.        


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=^..^= (Katbytes1)

From: =^..^= (Katbytes1)


  • Edited February 27, 2020 9:07 am  by  gunter
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I apologize for not replying to you sooner.  I have been offline due to computer issues which have been taken care of now. 

Thank you for all of your wonderful help.  You are always 'there' when we need you!  I believe after all these years I finally have it!  *smile*

I pray you are well and happy