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A need to delete alot of messages   Message Board

Started Mar-8 by queenlightning; 132 views.

From: queenlightning


Hi, Is there a way I can delete a bunch of messages at one from my folders. I inhearted bifemlounge a few years ago and there over 10000 messages in the folders and I would like to do a massive delete of everything before the first month of this year. Right know I am going through each message individually but it is taking alot of time and I am in school so if there is a way I can due a massive delete I would appreciate any assistance that can be given or guidance in this matter.


From: gunter


It's not easily  done and why ? Older messages don't show unless someone looks for them. If you want to delete that many messages why not just start a new forum.

But, if you do, it's important to start with the oldest messages first when deleting, they get harder to reach when you start with the newer ones.