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Forum not showing as Hosted   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Mar-28 by Sundowner (dannigirl67); 282 views.
My screen reader had me in a different place than it was reading apparently and my forum is now in the wrong spot on the my forums page, can someone please put it back in the correct spot?
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Ugg happened again!

As soon as I hit it I hear okay but never even get a chance to say no it's just done?


From: gunter


There are two stars/links on the page, one to Subscribe to messages in a forum and another link above that which goes to your MyForums page which lists your hosted, favorites and recently visited forums.

When you accidentally use the Subscribe link in one of your own forums instead of the MyForums one, it moves the forum from Hosted to the Favorites section of MyForums. Shouldn't do that but it's a long standing confusing feature. Sounds like it doesn't give you an option to back out. Does that explain what is happening?

Controls, Main Setting, Forum Ownership, in a forum lets you Confirm and Submit your name showing there and restores the forum to the Hosted list, which is what I've done now.

let us know how it goes  ...

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Actually what I was doing was trying to click the post new button but my screen reader has a tendancy to jump back up on a page before I can click the button I want! I need to slow down and make sure I'm where I want to be I guess? S9igh!

Thanks next time I will try that I didn't realize I could fix it myself?


From: gunter


Just noting to others ... Ownership control works only for DelphiPlus owners in forums set to Classic.

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Ahh okay I thought that was the case! Thanks for fixing it again so soon! G