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Where are the people?   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Sep-16 by stormrunner507 (RedsealDan); 414 views.

I was just wondering where all the people are? I have my forum indexed and showing but so far have had just one person visit.I have a welcome bot in the chatroom also.I believe all my settings are correct but at this point don't know what else to do.


From: gunter


Getting people to visit is the hard part.  When you post here include the address to your forum and give that to everyone so they know where to go.

You may want to post some messages in the forum dealing with what's it all about or some interesting topics, then use the Manage Discussion icon on top over the messages to get to Promote this Discussion. That should draw some readersto the message board and chat.

See promos other forums are running to get the idea.

let us know how it goes ...


From: heavn


Hello stormrunner! 

So far you have had 11 people visit your forum.   :)  You can  see them on your  visitor  list. 

I have been trying to post to you, however you have your messageboard set to moderation.  No posts show up when I post to you.
In one of my posts to you, I tried to explain how moderation isn't really a great way to begin.  Storm,  we can't even post a hello to you, or welcome you to Delphi. I posted to you that Diva is willing to help you with a start page if you would like that. I told  her  there  is  someone  new  and  asked  her if I could  mention her to you.  Could you allow posting, so that conversations on the message board are easy? 

As for chatting, most people do not come in unless there are already some people there to chat with. Makes  sense. You could perhaps post with me, and we could set up a time to be there together, and perhaps with a couple people already in there, others will come by to visit out of curiosity?  Who knows!  LOL  It is worth a try! They might wait to chat until they see you are fully set up with your start page, to get a sense of what you are like. 

Be thinking of how you want to portray yourself on your Start page-  Some people  have friendly, fun cartoonish  characters,  others  have serious, wise icons from history. Some are  political-minded with eagles or flags.  One creative forum owner has  a delightful lodge set in a  tree-house  setting.  One popular room host has  an eagle soaring in  the sky, while yet another cool forum Start page shows a cowgirl leaning against a wooden fence draped with a saddle, even though it is a cooking forum! She was  portraying  herself-  who  she is-  a  cowboy-boot-wearing lady from  Texas!  Her cowgirl character on her Start page  IS holding  a  pot and  cooking  utensil, though!  hehe. 

Think of what YOU might like-  Books?  Camping? Ocean? Fishing?  Medical? Animals? Mountains? Cooking? Woodwork? Traveling?   Hey!--> I see Wolves on your profile picture!!  That could be awesome!  Wolves in a forest?  Or whatever you like. 

Let people post. I will help for a while  with  things,  on how  to set up, if  you  have  questions.  
I go  around  helping where  I  can. 

Take  care. :)  

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Hello and good afternoon Heavn. Thank you for all the helpful information. Yes I am new to the forum and appreciate anything that will help me here in the forum. I set my posts to unmoderated so think I should be able to see and answer messages now. As for the start page any help in that area is surely needed as I used to code years ago when I had a website but have forgotten most of it. Give me a time when you would like to meet up and start working on the forum. Btw forgive me for not introducing myself my name is George.

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I am in  the chatroom now if you are free.

In reply toRe: msg 5  I am new here so am posting the link to my forum here.

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From: freebird500


I tried what you suggested about logging out of my forum & then logging back in with Freebird35 & its still a no go. It may have something to do with the password & I requested a new one but everytime they send me one & I go back to enter it under Freebird35 it still won't go through. Only thing I can think of is, it has to do with the password. This one has baffled me.


From: WaltHowe


The two accounts have different email addresses. When you request a password for freebird35, make sure you use the correct email address. Both have gmail addresses, and the freebird35 account email address begins with the letter d, not f. The new password will come to that address. You last logged into freebird35 on 11 October.


From: freebird500


Just curious, how did you find out that the email address account begins with the letter d?  And could you give me the whole email address?  Reason I'm asking is, at one time my computer crashed & we had to set up some new things to fix it & I think one of em was my email address. I know when I had to replace my modem not long ago, the internet provider I have, changed a lot of things on my computer because it was a different modem & they made a mess of things. I'll go back to my gmail page & I'll see what I can find in way of a gmail address & I'll get back to ya & thanks for all the info & help cos I do appreciate it so much.


From: freebird500


I just went to my gmail page & here what it reads at the very top. M Inbox-freebirdsreturn@gmail,com  And under that, is the padlock too the left & too the right is this,

On that padlock line which I know means its a secure site, if memory is right, I think use to be on that line before all those computer issues back in the day & before I had this new modem put in. Of course the internet provider wasn't much help so I don't know what's going on.