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Take over as host   Administrative Issues

Started Sep-23 by U-Turn (TimArnold); 269 views.
U-Turn (TimArnold)

From: U-Turn (TimArnold)


I took over as the 1st officer for the Southern Cruisers Rock Hill chapter. I need to take over as host of the page and tried to contact the current host several times with no results. Is it possible to make me the new host, as there are things on the page that are no longer relevant and need to be changed/removed and change the name to Lake Wylie instead of Rock Hill?


From: gunter


I've made the change.

Note that if you want Premium options in the forum such as chat and color controls you need to upgrade to DelphiPlus.

let us know how it goes ...

In reply toRe: msg 2

I have the same issue as your previous post. I took over as 1st Officer of over 2 years ago. Have contacted the previous host several times with no response. He is no longer a member and lives nearly 1000 miles from here. Http://  is the correct page info. 


From: gunter


Rain Man (HowardBond) said:


The addresses in your message do not work. There doesn't seem to be a forum with the oconee416scrc webtag.

Do you mean this forum:

In reply toRe: msg 4

His name is Crashman. The name should be Oconee County, SC. Chapter #416. SCRC. The webtag should be changed to reflect our chapter as well. 


From: gunter


Webtags can't be changed and it's been just a few months since the Host hasn't logged in.

Since you are 1st Officer for the chapter we can transfer the forum to you as is,  but another way to go would be for you to open a new forum with a more appropriate webtag and we'll update search so the correct one shows when people look for your chapter. If needed, post a message with a link in the old forum to the new one and we'll close posts there.

let us know ...