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Host Missing, Can a forum be re-assigned to a new host?   Administrative Issues

Started Feb-14 by Mary Beth (MBfromMD); 189 views.

Not sure where else to ask this question but I belong to a popular forum on Delphi called Bixby Addicts.  The Bixby Addicts forum has been around for a LOOONG time and has many members.  The host of the forum has not logged in since 2016 and no longer moderates the forum.  The forum is essentially running itself, however it would be helpful if someone on the forum had administrative privileges to delete SPAM posts, create new folders, etc.

How can this be handled?  Is there a way to designate a new host since the old one is clearly not fulfilling their host duties?

Thank you.


From: gunter


The usual way to do this is to post a discussion in the forum suggesting someone (you?) willing to take ownership.  When there is general agreement let us know with a link to the discussion and we'll make the transfer.  

Note it takes a DelphiPlus membership to have a premium forum allowing extra staff, colors, chat, etc, else whoever has controls will be monitoring the forum by themselves.

let us know how it goes  ...

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From: GIGGLES80987


As a host, can you profit off your forum?


From: gunter


This is in our Terms of Service:

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