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Deleting old posts help   Message Editor Help Folder

Started Mar-19 by Marlene (ms_lainy); 225 views.
Marlene (ms_lainy)

From: Marlene (ms_lainy)


I remember there used to be a way to delete a string of old posts in a folder, I have forgotten how we did that and I have a bunch to delete,

Can you refresh my memory? I have posts from as far back as 2002, I'm trying to clean house and organize.

Thank you for what ever help you can be.


Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Honestly this creates more problems than it solves. Unless you can work from the oldest posts to the newest it just creates and black hole where you can suddenly not access messages. The folder numbers (number of messages in each folder) will not reset and you never know if old discussions you thought were gone will reappear. This can happen even if you are sure you are working oldest to newest. Before embarking (I see you got the correct procedure already) consider a few things.

Why do you want to delete the older discussions? If it's to make more space, don't worry about that, there's loads of room. If it's to look tidier or to change topic I'd just make an announcement in the folder you are repurposing and say that you are changing topic there. Then post away, The older discussions will soon drop out of current view. If it's to remove discussions that are sensitive - go ahead but please proceed cautiously as I suggested.

1. Click on Folder title

2. Look at the bottom of the list of discussions for Next 50 and click it until it no longer appears.

3. Use Manage Discussions at the bottom of the list of discussions choosing the oldest discussions to more or delete and working forward in time.

Marlene (ms_lainy)

From: Marlene (ms_lainy)


Thank you Kid, the messages I am deleting pertain to way out dated computer information and also I wanted to clean out a folder for a new assistant, I think I have her folder cleared out by deleting one at a time in manage discussions, I was just hoping I could delete a string of discussions instead of each discussion at a time.

I guess the rest of the folders will be ok, as I listen to your explaination, makes sense.

Thank you, you've helped me so much many times :)

Hugs, Marlene