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reply button   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Apr-13 by pom_44; 128 views.

From: pom_44


good morning all

im having a few issues . the reply button seems to want to have multiple arrows . i create theme and this seems to happy now and again. i had els check all the coding etc , i use easy peasy and codes from els and it happens on both . i set the forum back to default and started again it seemed to work .. so i copied the fresh codes and it still is showing these crazy arrows on the forum who adoped the theme . its driving me crazy . i feel i cannot adopt out my themes if this is happening and i cannot rectifi it. any ideas please

ty in advance pom

this is in my testing room

this is in the adopted room

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Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


This must be a Delphi glitch, but happens more often. I installed Poms theme on one of my forums and it is perfect. I deleted the code in the CSS box on her forum, submitted it and reinstalled 10 minutes later and it's perfect.


From: gunter


Perhaps something goes wrong with the copy/paste. Does it happen to you at all?

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Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


I don't think it's copy and paste. It hasn't happened to me, but I hardly have made new themes.  What I have done is copy the CSS in the forum with the double arrows and paste it in my forum.  After that I pasted it back to Pom's forum after I emptied the box and submit. In my forum no double arrow in hers still, the first time.