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Log in thru smartphone   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Oct-4 by thebaron (albinahlvin); 616 views.

straight to problem, when i log on thru iPhone iOS15 and later versions,
Delphi opens up in mobile-version….an' YES i use the Classic-version….
we ol' geezers prefer that for MANY reason….

this happend before in older iOS-versions and then you told me to 
press the bars in upper right corner and when the meny opens up i should press
Main Menu
and then press 
Full Site…
in the past the phone/Delphi STAYED there 
but now it changes back to "mobile-version" every time….
so next time one shall log on, then one have to "re-set" it every time…
looking forward to that you solve this in a nearby-future…
OR, there might be another way for me to handle the problem….
and YES…we on our forum wanna stay in the ol'-version,
so is your solution is to accept the "mobile-verion" is not an option for us…

thank you in advance…
kind regards,
//albin "thebaron" ahlvin
host of Brotherhood of the Grey Beard Bikers


From: Kidmagnet


Is iOS 15 handling cookies differently perhaps? Or did you change something in the Safari settings? OH You are using Safari?

I have iPhone and the latest iOS so I shall poke around!


From: Kidmagnet


And by the way... Good to see you!

first…i don't stop by on regular basis,
JUST when/if i or any of our members/guests
have any important to "complain" about….i 

then…NO i did NOT make any changes on the phone/safari….
(everything else work's "normal"…..

only other thing that been changed,
is the "Log on" time…
the time from i "press the button" until the Delphi shows up….
the phone "think" a much longer time than before….
in the past Delphi shows up in 1-2seconds….
now it can take a minute or sometimes even longer
until it opens up (and in mobile-setting-verion, not Classic)

i use iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 15.0.1


From: Kidmagnet


Oh I see that I am not on 15 yet but have the option. There have been issues of slowness/lagging reported by other members as well. I don't think the version (Classic/Zeta/Mobile) of Delphi is the reason but good to note.

On a quick glance I see that iOS has enhanced privacy features - I'll read up a bit more and see if I can solve this without upgrading my iOS. My guess is though that Safari is purging cookies.

Meanwhile try setting your preference for full site by navigating to HERE on your phone and looking for the Full Site link at the bottom. It should give you three options one being Permanent.

Let me know if that solves it.

  • Edited October 4, 2021 12:15 pm  by  Kidmagnet

…worked for the moment…
i'll let it be for now, an' tomorrow i'll send you an update….
IF it continue to work or not….
how does that sound….???
'til then….thank you


From: Kidmagnet


Great - yes please keep me posted. I am using my phone for work so a little hesitant to do the update to iOS 15 ;)

mornin’….(well, time is 10:25 here in sweden)

as agreed, i loged on a handful of times

since 06:00, an’ worked every time (so far).

only problem that remain is the long time for

the site to load….between ~1-2minutes,

an annoying ling time

was ”seconds” in the past….

hope you guy’s find a solution for that

thank you very much for your help 

(i’ll share the help ya sent, the one with log on-info to your site, hope that’s ok)

please approve



From: Kidmagnet


Hi there, glad to hear it is working. You absolutely can send them thete but they should also see the link at your forum. It's at the very bottom of the page in the mobile site. Feel free to post/ use these images and any instructions of mine.


  • Edited October 5, 2021 10:31 am  by  Kidmagnet

thank you,

i’ll use the link