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Background theme missing   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Nov-9 by Showtalk; 1334 views.
In reply toRe: msg 20

So I used the image from the previous message on one of my (many) owned forums, uploading it with mobile. Backgrounds on about half my own forums changed plus many I do not own.

and many many more (sorry folks)

In reply toRe: msg 21

I'll try from desktop in the morning.


Anyway I'll try from desktop tonight when its a little less annoying to the multitudes wink

Repeated from desktop with similar results. 



I was unable to upload any files to either the custom backgrounds, headers or even to embed in a post from Firefox and Chrome. Edge I was able to, however it gave me an error message but did successfully upload and install my graphic. 

I can see the images on other forums from the same computer on other browsers - however they do not show at those forums from my phone.  In fact I cannot find any. 

One possibility with that graphic error is I am using it as a forum badge on another forum. 

Anyhoo - I don't know why (may common servers) this happens but it does and it is not a mobile thing or a browser one... and it is temporary. 


From: gunter


A Kid by any other name... (Kidmagnet) said:

I was unable to upload any files to either the custom backgrounds,

Me too, no image I try works.

Uh oh... ummm it wasn't me.



From: gunter


Nah, I blame @Showtalk. She was messing with that strange background  image.