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Transfer Forum Ownership   Administrative Issues

Started 5/2/16 by Gerry (GerryLoc); 2354 views.
Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


Thanks! It did :)


From: 62Bigfoot


please ignore, off topic  moved here:

  • Edited May 10, 2016 3:00 pm  by  gunter

From: LoveRiot


What's the protocol  for transferring a forum from a host that has passed away and left no instructions? Can forum members request to take over to keep the forum up and running?


From: Kidmagnet


I think it's best to contact staff directly with the forum (webtag or address).  Make sure to put something like Forum Host Question in the subject line. Or send Gunter or Walthowe a PM with the info.

CC to gunterWaltHowe

Just to add a bit to what Kidmagnet said: - Some forums are highly active with new members every day and require an active Host. It's hard to know what the forum creator might have wanted once they'd passed on without a "living will", so to speak, to Delphi Forums. For those that aren't aware of this "living will"...a forum owner can email Delphi Forums at and leave the forum to whomever they want.

Forums can change, members and forum staff can come and go. What's best for the forum as of today...should be considered.

If the forum owner passes on with no written instructions as to what should be done with the forum...the current forum staff (if any) or someone from the forum can start a conversation about electing a new forum owner. Along with this conversation, or a link to can poll Delphi Forums to have the forum transferred over to them. This is existential to an owner that hasn't been logged in for awhile...but is still alive. Attempts should be made to email the owner, first.


From: LoveRiot


It won't be me requesting to host the forum, but likely their assistants who will, but didn't quite know who to contact and what to do. 

It took a while to confirm that she had passed.

So should I start a new post here? the Delphi Support forum? 

The leaderless forum I'm referring to is:

The discussion of what to do about the forum itself came up in their weblink thread:


From: gunter


In the absence of other instructions,  we can transfer to a new Host the forum members agree on, that should be made clear in the discussion.


From: Kidmagnet



Thank you for looking out for them.


From: Kidmagnet


Like this

The current thread is confusing with some people talking about the website and others about the forum. It's not just the other assistants that can speak up either but any active forum members.


From: Gaelspirit


Thanx for your help Kid!! :)