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Transfer Forum Ownership   Administrative Issues

Started 5/2/16 by Gerry (GerryLoc); 3282 views.

From: Cstar1


I fiddled with it a little - log out and back in, see if that helps. If not, we'll have to get tech help.

In reply toRe: msg 3
i am all set cstar

thank you.

In reply toRe: msg 4
i did notice that the related forums dropdown list is not working in the forum.

i have the forums set that will be in the dropdown list but they do not show up. ( these forums have already reciprocated )

i also have an issue that the previous forum owner gerry still is listed as having the W flag in the set privileges area of the controls, and i cant remove it.

thank you for looking into these issues.

Transferring ownership in Zeta is glitchy. Switch it to Classic for the hand off and the new owner can change it back.

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


There are a lot of things that work in Classic but not Zeta.

In reply toRe: msg 5
i can not remove gerry as a wizard still ( i did switch to zeta format to do so but it still will not work )

plus the related forum issue is still unresolved.

thank you for looking into this.
Gerry (GerryLoc)

From: Gerry (GerryLoc)


Ryan, another quirk.  Across the Spectrum  is still listed on 'My Forums' as one of my hosted forums.  ??


From: Cstar1


I've asked for tech help for removing the extra wizard.

I was able to get Related Forums working by switching to Zeta and updating it there, then switching back to Classic. 


From: gunter


I managed to remove your W now. 

Use Remove to take the forum off your owned ones on MyForums.