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Security Certification" issue   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 9/18/17 by Dana P. Jacobson (DPJ); 1188 views.
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Thanks Gunter, I'll pass that info along and see what he says about page, browser, etc.

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From: EpicTale


I started having the same problem late last week, and there were times I couldn't get through reading a page worth of posts without clicking 'No' almost every time I blinked. 

My guess is, it's an ad on the page (I only have basic membership), and if it happens to be on the page more than once, the pop ups are almost never ending.  Process of elimination was easy when there were only 2 or 3 ads on a page when it happened, so I could see which ads were present the next time around.  Attached are screen pics of the issue.  My guess as to why it keeps popping up the security certificate, is because the ad keeps refreshing itself (or something) and starts clocking before displaying its image again.  This particular ad does seem to occur more when I first get into Delphi versus later on in my session.

I've been using IE in a private window, but not sure that part makes a difference or not.  I did try getting into Delphi using Firefox in a private window, and while the space for an ad is there, it seems as though the ads don't display, but I only got in this way briefly. 

If you want the screen pics sent as a file, screen pics of the certificate info or a .cer file (DER encoded binary x.509) with the info contained would help, send me a message via email and I'll get them to you (or whomever would like to delve into this).  Although not sure if there is any way for you guys to control the ad from within Delphi.

Security certificate issue pop up:

Most likely the offending ad:

Ad is trying to refresh itself (?):


From: gunter


thanks much ...

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Can non-hosts post?  I had one user fo;;ow that link back here but he said that the Reply button was
greyed-out.  I just noticed the same thing but I was able to reply.


From: gunter


All members can post here since anyone can open a forum in no time. Did he try pressing though it looks greyed out?

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gunter said:

Did he try pressing though it looks greyed out?

That I don't know, but I told him to attempt that.   He's going on holiday, so he'll try it upon his return.