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Chat Bot chatter...   Chat

Started 2/9/18 by kidmagnet (Kid) (Kidmagnet); 5327 views.
In reply toRe: msg 2

WELL! These bot options are only available in Zeta!

No biggy, just pop into a ***Zeta view of your forum,  go to  Controls, Chat and the bots and games option is there. After you set the bot you want just refresh the forum and bada bing, bada boom - you have a bot, in your chatroom and you are still Classic (hig 5's self)

I don't know if anyone chatting with Java will see the games.

*** Zeta view of your forum is just adding /zeta after the webtag in your forum address.


From: gunter


Looks like the bot keeps previous players on tap even after they leave?

In reply toRe: msg 4

Yes you could jump back in and add to your score - I just did

ScrambleBot3: Time's up! (30 seconds)
ScrambleBot3: Current Scores
ScrambleBot3: GUNTER: 794
ScrambleBot3: Twinkle821: 325
ScrambleBot3: Kidmagnet: 168

We need a command to end the game, I think maybe it currently would end if the room were empty. Oh I can test that lol

In reply toRe: msg 5

If I remove the bot and replace it the game starts over.

I removed the bot, reloaded the forum and entered Chat. No bot. Then closed Chat, reinstalled the bot, reloaded forum and re-entered chat. It started the scoring over.


From: Cstar1


Kid (Kidmagnet) said:

How do you make it stop though?

They're persistent bots - they never stop! 

If you want to hold a conversation instead of playing the game, you can always gag the bot. :)


From: Cstar1


Kid (Kidmagnet) said:

but the scoring is continuing from previous players

It will continue as long as the bot is in the room. If it exits, scoring will start over. 

In reply toRe: msg 7

From: Cstar1


Oh.. also, if you want to talk instead of whispering to the bot, just tab twice before you type. 

Can they add a less cumbersome way to end or restart the game. Say I am playing alone and someone else comes in.

Cstar1 said:

Oh.. also, if you want to talk instead of whispering to the bot, just tab twice before you type.

The bot still receives that as an answer

I'm currently typing from a laptop and it took ages to get the chatter field to come up. I will horse around with it later.

(really wants a horse)