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Private message format   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 2/11/18 by Coach44; 1339 views.

From: RedBV


If I may -

Having tinkered with it - there is no "mark as read" . . . when you click on one of the blocked out messages to any given member . . . it will open a discussion like window that contains all PM's you've exchanged with that person . . . so the system inherently takes it that you have looked at (read) all the messages listed that you've exchanged with that person . . .

When you close that window . . . it cycles that individual listing of messages to the bottom . . .  

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From: Coach44


Thank you


From: RedBV


Most welcome . . .


From: bstn3


I don't like the new msg system.   

on facebook it is different- it stays there- separate.     In this format, after I reply to someone, the whole msg (msgs) to that person disappears off my PM page.   Gone.   Not at the bottom of the page - gone.      Sure, I can see it again when I click on that person's name on a post-- hit PM, and it all opens again.      

Last week I got a pm.  I glimpsed it. I replied.    I go to look at it again... I didn't catch the name of this ONE time writer who sent me the pm.   

It is NOT in my msg box.   I don't have a SENT msg area.      It is gone from the msg area.        I am a host/Master.     I will look at the reports and click on names about that time frame in order to find a needle in a haystack, to see who sent me that msg. 

I don't like it that after I reply to a msg--- it is gone from my PM box. 

If you have info that is helpful, I am listening. 

Otherwise:  please send a bottle of wine to my address, I need it.    :)


edit to add:

I just noticed this folder here:  I will read through this. 


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From:  Paul (SNOTZALOT) DelphiPlus Member Icon Jan-25 11:38 AM 
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From forum member:

The private message screen looks totally different to me now.  I can no longer view "Sent messages".  I still use the Classic view, but even in the new Zeta view I can't find "Sent messages"?

  • Edited February 23, 2018 11:46 am  by  bstn3
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From: gunter


This is looking under the Inbox tab. The order is unread PMs on top, then below that should be the the ones you have seen, latest ones first.

Most confusion happens when there are many PMs marked unread, if that is what you see once you open all of them it will work much better.