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Logs not working?   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 2/20/18 by MarissaWishing; 878 views.

From: gunter


Are you doing this in Zeta chat? It does work for me there as you can see.  I do /log off to be sure, then /log on to start a new one.

I've asked to have the Event/Auditorium room removed. Those entries are caused by Live Stories which must have been tried at some point in the past in Zeta. Even though you are not using that option now the room keeps hiding in the background.

  • Edited February 24, 2018 9:19 am  by  gunter
In reply toRe: msg 6

From: MarissaWishing


Cstar, Gunter,

I am using mIRC to access chat, and have been for several years. In the past it has worked without problems. I logged in with Zeta, and turned logs off and then back on. It worked fine. 
Are you sure you're not doing this to me on purpose to increase my existing paranoia about my pathetic lack of computer skills?

Many thanks!


From: gunter


I think we finally established it's not working using IRC for you, should have noticed that earlier and we'll check more with tech.

Since none of us are using IRC, wondering if anyone else can confirm this?