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Transfer ownership?   Administrative Issues

Started 3/4/18 by Klaestra; 336 views.

From: Klaestra


The primary forum I participate in has been downgraded to basic (which happens at least once a year as the owner is no longer active and tends to only re-up when someone emails them several times). In order to preserve the forum and keep it with the paid features, we've asked for the active members to vote for me to assume ownership of the forum (as I have a DelphiPlus account that's on annual and autorenewal). Would you be able to make this change for us so we can reactivate our chat room, etc? The active membership is small but we're committed and enjoy utilizing this feature quite a bit.

Voting topic:

Thank you!!


From: gunter


It would be best if the Host emailed to confirm the switch. Since I don't see a login for two years I've made the transfer pending  her return.  It may take til tomorrow morning for the forum to fully update with all premium controls.

let us know how it goes ...

  • Edited March 4, 2018 7:51 am  by  gunter