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Chat Commands   Chat

Started 3/6/18 by Kakes2; 441 views.

From: Kakes2


Hi, I'm not sure if this ever came up before, but it happened to me just last week.
Chatter name is not real for this message.

On 3/4 I put a chatter on Bozo ......   XXXXX95

On 3/5 the chatter came into the Chat room with a "tail"  ......  XXXXX95_3  which must have been cause by Delphi.
this person was able to post to the Chat room and their name was not crossed out.

I also did  a search for this name under Reports and it said " Sorry no record of XXXXX95_3 exists for Seniors Hideaway"  So I was unable to Bozo this name also.

My question , when you apply a Chat command to a name , shouldn't the command follow the Core name and apply to a "tail" generated by the system?   These tails occur for several reasons that I know of , and others may be able to add to the list.  If a person uses 2 different browsers and logs into two different chat rooms the second room will result with a the Core name and a "tail"   e.g  _2   ............... or if Delphi does a dump and someone bounces back into the room too quickly the system provides a "tail"  e.g.  _2   etc.  I'm sure there are other examples.

My point is, if I Bozo someone I do not want the see them back in the room having the ability to post on screen. 
Please help.  Thank You.

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From: gunter


The names with added numbers wouldn't show in any search, is staff in the room able to gag or bozo them in Zeta chat?

I do see the problem as you descibe it, will check to see what can be done about it.

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From: Kakes2


The Staff are aware of the problem and will Bozo if they see the name again with a  "tail".  Thank you for looking into this further.  I appreciate it.  Thank you.