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Report Violations Function   Control Center

Started 11/30/18 by Rose Gold Dictator (Artoo); 3193 views.

How to turn on the Report Violations function?

The "Allow users to report TOS Violations" checkbox has been checked and updated, but we cannot find the report option. Not sure if there is more that needs to be done in order to activate the function, or if we are looking in the wrong place. Thank you!


From: gunter


Sorry, this has not been activated in Zeta. Many forums never used this setting.

In Classic configuration the Message Action menu below messages has Report Violation when Allow Users ... is checked in Controls.

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From: Stephierawx4


I have people coming in from another forum claiming the report violation doesn't work delphi wide. Report violation is available on my forum but they claim it doesn't work. I'm able to access it. Is it possible the forum they are coming from has it turned off and using my forum to claim it is a delphi glitch?

We moderate out problems so I don't expect much use out of it. It's odd folks are coming from one forum to test the function. I've seen this done on one other forum lately with the claim it is a delphi problem. Originates from the same forum who is testing my functions.




From: WaltHowe


The Report Violations function is an individual setting for each forum. It is not intended to go anywhere but to forum staff as set up by that forum.


From: Stephierawx4


When submitting report violation it just spins. Is there a reason? 

I tested in my forum and it's working fine for me, do you want me to try in your forum? I used Firefox, I can try with a few more browsers. Someone did have a problem with this months back, not sure if it was ever resolved, the host never responded.

Editing to add - I have a patience problem so already tested, one member at your place had success when she disabled her ad blocker. 

Ad blockers may be the reason.


From: WaltHowe


I tested in bigpicture and it seems to work for me.

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8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


Using FF . . . when hovering cursor over "submit" . . . get a "javascriptvoid(0)" notification just above task bar to the right . . . left . . .