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Ajax error on forum invitation   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 5/30/19 by Marco Davanzo (MarcoDavanzo); 537 views.

Any help would be appreciated.  

I'm trying to invite a prospective member to my forum and I get a "Ajax Error!".

I go to >Controls >Forum Promotion >invite friends
Put in person's email. A message.  

And then I hit send.

And an "Ajax Error!" message pops up.

I've been using the same invitation protocol for 3 years.  No problems before.

The last time I invited someone was about two months ago.  No problems.

Any suggestions??


From: Gaelspirit


That happened to me a few days ago too. Maybe a glitch of some sort. 

According to Ajax error occurs when jQuery falls into its error callback handler (this callback built into DataTables), which will typically occur when the server responds with anything other than a 2xx HTTP status code. ... This error indicates a general error, as stated above.

With that said; Try this: Contact someone you know in your forum. Ask them if you can send them an "invitation to the forum" to take this error out for a test-drive to see if it's the potential members email address that's throwing the error. If you'd like you can use my profile/membername as a test subject.

If it throws another "error"'s probably DelphiForums software and this should be brought to attention.


From: wsohcontest1


Encountering the same problem.


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From: BPGuenther


I've been having this issue for months.  Is there actually a way to get in touch with Delphi support?  I thought I'd found a work around but it didn't work either, though it acted like it did.  New members are still being told they aren't members however.


From: gunter


Sorry this problem continues. I'll renew the report.