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Cannot get get my themes to update   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 6/24/19 by Moondove (moondove07); 2904 views.

Unfortunately none of my forums are correct at the moment.  I am on my way to check and see if horrible Photo Bucket has any thing to do with any of it.

Thank you for your help.




Hello again Kid,

Things seem to be kinda ok for now, with my older forums.  I am still in the process of moving my artwork and photos to a a new hosting site and putting them here as well.

I haven't had much time in the last few days to do very much here.  I love Delphi.  I actually started here in 2000.  Then left and came back and I had to get a new nic.  But I do not stay away long at all.  *smiles* 

I do appreciate your help very much.  Everyone is always so quick to assist!  Have a beautiful evening


You're very welcome, if you need anything further just post!

Hello Kid...

It's me again.  I still have had no changes.  I also checked on my signature and it's not showing up either.

It's almost like I have a basic membership.  I have tried everything.

I would appreciate anything you could do.

Thank you,


Can you check on this members account status for her please. 


From: gunter


No problems with your account. Try logging out, deleting browsing history, closing browser.

This is what I see:

Hello there stranger!

I already logged out and back in.  That helped a little.  I know you all were probably thinking, "No wonder nothing is working she has the same forum twice!"  I do.  I created a new Raindrops to see if it made any difference.  It actually did a point.  I still cannot get my sigs to show up.

I have NOT renewed my Photobucket account due to the blind indifference they have for other's art.  Somewhere in "The Place-That-Used-To-Be-Photbucket" (PTU2BPB), over 2000 images are being held for ransom!  LOL  Thank goodness Delphi is able to host images!!

I will keep trying.

Thanks gunter



Photobucket has gone through yet another change lol they revamped their payment tiers but most people are not too quick to forgive. I never cut ties, just sat back quietly and watched the implosion. They email me often - sometimes daily trying to lure me into paying... the emails range from threatening to charming... I have a whole folder of them and it's pretty screwy and yet hilarious.

Anyhoo - I'm on my way to have a looks see- I have a feeling your browser is not updating the webpages and just serving you old cached copies. Definitely use images you have hosted with Delphi (your Files space) or somewhere other than P-bucket!

-...the emails range from threatening to charming...-

Too funny. I've been threatened several times on a site I frequent (not DelphiForums). I give 'em my address and tell 'em don't mind the huge barking dogs at the gate...just wait a bit...I'll be right down, we'll talk...then I'll call you an ambulance. :)

 "...give 'em my address and tell 'em don't mind the huge barking dogs at the gate...just wait a bit...I'll be right down....we'll talk.....then I'll call you an ambulance...."