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Cannot get get my themes to update   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 6/24/19 by Moondove (moondove07); 3668 views.

Hello there stranger!

I already logged out and back in.  That helped a little.  I know you all were probably thinking, "No wonder nothing is working she has the same forum twice!"  I do.  I created a new Raindrops to see if it made any difference.  It actually did a point.  I still cannot get my sigs to show up.

I have NOT renewed my Photobucket account due to the blind indifference they have for other's art.  Somewhere in "The Place-That-Used-To-Be-Photbucket" (PTU2BPB), over 2000 images are being held for ransom!  LOL  Thank goodness Delphi is able to host images!!

I will keep trying.

Thanks gunter



Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Photobucket has gone through yet another change lol they revamped their payment tiers but most people are not too quick to forgive. I never cut ties, just sat back quietly and watched the implosion. They email me often - sometimes daily trying to lure me into paying... the emails range from threatening to charming... I have a whole folder of them and it's pretty screwy and yet hilarious.

Anyhoo - I'm on my way to have a looks see- I have a feeling your browser is not updating the webpages and just serving you old cached copies. Definitely use images you have hosted with Delphi (your Files space) or somewhere other than P-bucket!

-...the emails range from threatening to charming...-

Too funny. I've been threatened several times on a site I frequent (not DelphiForums). I give 'em my address and tell 'em don't mind the huge barking dogs at the gate...just wait a bit...I'll be right down, we'll talk...then I'll call you an ambulance. :)

 "...give 'em my address and tell 'em don't mind the huge barking dogs at the gate...just wait a bit...I'll be right down....we'll talk.....then I'll call you an ambulance...."



Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)



threatening may have been the wrong word but I enjoyed your method!