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Massive spam attack   Administrative Issues

Started Jan-19 by Gimmie Chocolate Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 1464 views.

Without going into details here, this spammer is now PMing me, how can I ban someone from PM? 

This "person" is hitting ALL of my forums,even the dead ones... I'm banning them as I find them without making comments.    Thank you kindly.


From: gunter


Setting Ignore in a problem member`s Profile stops PMs.

Email with details. 

In reply toRe: msg 2

Great, thank you and my fingers thank you kindly.

Lyndy (Lyndy7)

From: Lyndy (Lyndy7)


Repeating advice given....edited

Thank you Lyndy  :)   My fingers need a break from all the banning and deleting!  I just sent the email.  :)

"My fingers need a break from all the banning and deleting!"

With 125+ forums listed on your profile...this guy's found the mother load! Trust me...he'll get a site-wide ban from services...and then be back in another incarnation before his coffee gets cold.

You are right, but I'd hope we are wrong, if hopefully they can ban the IP address.

First, I don't think Delphi Forums will ban an IP. Second, anyone this energetic about spamming will just use a spoofed IP to come back. Most spammers are a lot better at what they do than you are at blocking them. One of the rewards to spamming is the challenge. Providing a list of all your forums is something a spammer just can't walk away from.

Very true, it would be a shame, but I might wind up placing my busy forums on moderation. 

Anything extra you have to do...this person is winning. Whether you ban that account or go into moderation it's extra moves that are unnecessary in normal forum functions.

Some spammers are tenacious. They have nothing better to do. Those are the hardest to deal with. Then you have your part-time spammers that are there just because of the opportunity. When they get no replies, they move along. Spammers are looking for feedback; it's their reward for the time spent. One or two forums is enough to satisfy most slammers. You? You've provided this person with a plethora of forums to attack.

I'd just keep deleting posts and banning for a few days...see who tires out first. Whatever you do...don't engage them.

Good luck!